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The Perfect Insurance Policy for You-
Robert Taylor Insurance is Lorain County's leading insurance policy provider. We have a complete range of policies with numerous options that make it easier to tailor coverage to match your specific needs. Our insurance policy selection includes automobile insurance, business liability coverage, and protection for both homeowners and renters.
If you're unsure about the level of coverage you need, drop in for a no-obligation consultation. We can walk you through the details of our policies and find something that is perfect for your situation. All of the insurance policies we provide are comprehensive, and we supply a clear, easy-to-follow explanation of your coverage level before you have to make any decisions.
Homeowners & Renters

Homeowners & Renters

Homeowners and renters insurance protects you from the financial losses that can be caused by storms, fire, theft, and other events outlined in your policy. It also offers liability coverage should someone be injured in your home. Carrying the right amount of coverage is essential to protecting your family and your belongings. We can tailor any insurance policy to suit your situation, so please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Vehicles & Watercraft

There are different types of insurance available for boats and vehicles. Property insurance will protect your boat, car, truck, RV, or motorcycle in cases of theft or damage. Liability coverage comes into effect should someone be injured or hurt. And medical coverage will pay for the costs of treating injuries. Every situation differs, so we believe that the best way to ensure the perfect level of protection is to personalize a policy to suit your needs. Talk to us today to learn more!
Vehicles and watercraft
Business and commercial

Business & Commercial

Trust Robert Taylor Insurance for professional insurance that will cover your business in the event of an accident, loss, or damage. Call or visit our expert team in Lorain or Elyria. Our policies include:
  • Commercial auto
  • General liability
  • Owner-operator
Whatever your line of work, we can make sure you're completely covered with a great insurance policy.
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